Kumpania Flamenco Los Angeles

Bailaora Paloma Rios at KUMPANIA Flash Mob





Bailaora Briseyda Zarate Fernandez, photo by our narrator Bruce Bisenz

Gerardo Morales

November Screening in Palma de Mallorca, Spain


Rafu Shimpo article on KUMPANIA

Click here to read: http://www.rafu.com/2013/07/keepers-of-the-flame/
Screening Friday October 25, 2013

LIVE Jose Tanaka flamenco guitar after screening

“A love letter to flamenco” … “a form of Vulcan mind-meld”  – Jennifer Oliver O’Connell, The Examiner

Examiner Review by Jennifer Oliver O’Connell click here



Kumpania Flamenco Flash Mob Los Angeles May 30, 2013

Los Angeles Film Festival Premiere


Director’s Choice Award:

Best Documentary at Lagniappe Film & Music Festival, Texas

Thank You to the KUMPANIA Cast & Crew & the Lagniappe Film & Music Festival 

KUMPANIA screens at Lagniappe Film and Music Festival in Texas

Double Besos to the music lovers in Beaumont!

For More Details click here: Lagniappe film and Music Festival

What a feeling of flamenco!

Kumpania Screens at Historic El Cid, Los Angeles

in honor of its 50th Anniversary January 31st 2013

Noted by The Daily Mail UK:

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KUMPANIA Cast & Crew at El Cid

From left: Paloma Rios, Jose Tanaka, Martyn LeNoble, Christina Applegate, Antonio Triana II, Jesus Montoya, Kai Narezo, Gabriel Lautaro Osuna, Gerardo Morales & Mizuho Sato.

Stuck in traffic: Vanessa Acosta Albalos.

In Spain: Briseyda Zarate Fernandez.

With flu: Antonio De Jerez

KUMPANIA wins Best Documentary at On Location Memphis International Film & Music Festival


Interview with Kumpania Film Editor

Noah Berlow

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Film Editor Noah Berlow

KUMPANIA wins Best Documentary at Peloponnesian International Film Festival

 KUMPANIA Wins Best Cinematography at World Music & Independent Film Festival in Washington D.C.

Cinematographer Avi Cohen



KUMPANIA wins Audience Award at Madrid International Film Festival

 “It’s a little jewel, this documentary about flamenco performers in Los Angeles. I enjoyed it immensely. Katina Dunn has done a wonderful job.”

– Justin Coe RTVE Spanish National Radio.

Click here to listen to Justin Coe’s RTVE interview with Director Katina Dunn.


Madrid International Film Festival trailer

performance by Juan Debel, Dieguito Guerrero & Cristina Lucio.




Kumpania Flamenco Los Angeles

The LA Times Features Kumpania Flamenco Los Angeles in their: ‘Kumpanía’ and festival spotlight Los Angeles’ flamenco scene.

“Kumpanía” — directed by Katina Dunn and now on the festival circuit — explores how the tight-knit flamenco community in L.A. has coalesced at the margins, albeit for reasons very different from the persecution the Gypsy (Romani) people suffered in 18th century Spain.

Read the whole article here: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/la-et-guidefeature-20120322,0,737100.story 

Jose Tanaka, Gabriel Lautaro Osuna and Vanessa Acosta Albalos at flamenco benefit for victims of earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Photo by Avi Cohen

Skyping to Toronto

April 12 Flamenco stars Jose Tanaka, Mizuho Sato & Briseyda Zarate Fernandez will Skype Toronto after the 8:30 PM  screening of KUMPANIA.

Thanks to Lionel Felix and the Toronto International Flamenco Festival in partnership with the National Film Board Mediatheque, 150 John St. Toronto. (416) 973-3012 $10


Julien Dubuque International Film Festival

April 19 – 22 thrilled to be in the JDIFF

Thank you to our distributors

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